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SHENZHEN FUKEI INDUSTRIAL TRADE CO.,LIMITED was founded in 2005,  we are engaged indistribution and agent of globally famous brands of Electronic Components & IC‘s  .
The  main agent brands  as follows:
1. Lelon (Organic Conductive Polymer Capacitors、SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors、snap-in electrolytics capacitor、Radial 、screw ect.)
2.UTC ( Power Management、Amplifier/Comparator、 Analog Switches、 Hall ICs 、Special Application ICs、 Logic ect.,Discrete and Transistors、MOSFETs、TRIACs、SCRs、DIODEs  ect.)
3. Ever ohms (SMD Resistor、Film Resistor、and High precision resistor ect.
4. SEC ( ceramic disc capacitors and ceramic multilayer capacitors ect.)
5.TROQ  (Crystal 、Automotive Crystals 、Sam devices and Timing Module)
6.SIYU  ( Rectifier Diode  ,Fast Recovery、Transient voltage suppression and Switching Diode etc.
7.CT Micro  (Infrared Components,Photo Coupler,MOSFET)
8.Myson  (General 8051/MIPS-X MCU Series,Low Pin Count 8051 MCU,Consumer Display MCU,Automotive MCU,Network MCU)
Additionally, we are distribution brand of ELNA 、TDK、Murata、 Samsung ect. Our Company provide abundant and one-time procurement requirements to customers.

Our company is near  ailian Stantion  long  gang  shenzhen, Fukei believe without any doubt: "because specialty, so faith". Fukei, yourreliable partner, we provide you with the best quality service.